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When a woman is unable to carry a baby due to physiological restrictions, she may want to opt for gestational surrogate (GS). The surrogate functions are similar to those of the egg donor.

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In several cases, the intended mother provides the eggs. In other cases, a couple may use an egg donor in conjunction with the surrogate. The intended parents may use an outside agency to find a surrogate or may find a known surrogate within their circle. Typically, there is a legal agreement drafted and signed by the surrogate and the intended parents. Again, since there is a large amount of coordination to be done, the IVF clinic needs to be intimately involved and familiar with the process in order to effectively manage a donor/surrogate cycle.

We work closely with a number of established egg donor/surrogacy agencies and can provide referrals. With GS, one or more embryos derived from the patient's eggs and her partner's sperm is transferred into the uterus of a surrogate. The surrogate in effect provides a host womb but does not contribute genetically. In spite of original ethical, moral, and medical legal reservations, GS has now gained widespread social acceptance.

Candidates for IVF surrogacy can be divided into two groups:

  • Women that do not have a uterus capable of carrying a pregnancy to term
  • Women who cannot safely undertake a pregnancy because of medical conditions or illnesses

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