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What is Fertility Preservation or FP?

In fertility preservation, a woman's eggs or embryos are preserved in a bank for later use. Sometimes, people decide that they do not want to have children immediately or in the near future, but would love to have them at a much later age/stage. This also means that the biological clock is ticking. Hence, FP can help to preemptively address this reproductive aging process.

Fertility Preservation center in bangalore

In the field of Reproductive Medicine, there are viable emerging techniques and technologies for egg freezing or sperm cryopreservation. These technologies have recently undergone significant advances that dramatically improve birth rates. We can now cryopreserve eggs for patients that are undergoing potentially damaging ovarian surgery and provide egg freezing for cancer patients prior to undergoing chemotherapy. These techniques also make it possible to freeze and store eggs for those that wish to preserve fertility or postpone childbearing for other personal reasons.

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